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Violist February 22, 2005 06:16
First comment: 25 June, 2004 206 comments written
Hmm.. this one went over my head...
Nameless February 22, 2005 06:57
First comment: 29 December, 2004 281 comments written
Dudley polymorphed into 'crap' and was eaten by dung flies. Not that funny IMO.
Beowulf February 22, 2005 07:10
First comment: 8 January, 2005 114 comments written
When's Dion going to do another comic? I really miss the old Dudley ;)
Eskimo February 22, 2005 07:54
First comment: 14 April, 2004 166 comments written
Don't complain, it's quite hard to get these right and people must be allowed to find the balance. Some strips work for you, some don't. I personally enjoy the true nethack related the most and don't care much for the odd physics related ones where you must have a major in xyz to get them :-). But others obviously do so I just live with'em.
freshme@ February 23, 2005 00:37
First comment: 4 January, 2005 67 comments written
I think the problem is the second @ confuses things. If it was anything but an @, it would be easy to follow what's happening.
Tiny k February 23, 2005 04:46
First comment: 23 February, 2005 1 comments written
I actually thought about putting "rodney" instead of an @ symbol because of the confusion, but Dion asked me to try to keep it as close to the game as possible. Sorry guys. Hope you like them though. :)
tiny k
Crawler February 23, 2005 14:53
First comment: 24 August, 2004 57 comments written
I liked it. There's a lot of potential in puting some classical jokes into Nethack context =)
What about some of the "three wishes" jokes?
Fathead April 20, 2006 03:53
First comment: 1 April, 2006 1136 comments written

Look under "American version of a classic E.I.S. joke"
Grognor April 8, 2007 05:41
First comment: 4 April, 2007 1161 comments written
Ha ha.
HK June 20, 2007 20:04
First comment: 1 June, 2007 309 comments written
Newt King September 23, 2007 15:35
First comment: 23 September, 2007 2 comments written
Poop jokes just aren't funny, unless you're highly immature (or Jmesh).

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