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Wednesday, 1 August, 2007 by Dol
The WizardEbenezum walked before me along the closest thing we could
find to a path in these overgrown woods. Every few paces he
would pause, so that I, burdened with a pack stuffed with
arcane and heavy paraphernalia, could catch up with his
wizardly strides. He, as usual, carried nothing, preferring,
as he often said, to keep his hands free for quick conjuring
and his mind free for the thoughts of a mage.
        [ A Dealing with Demons, by Craig Shaw Gardner ]

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@ "Augh! My precious HP! I can't believe I fail to ascend again!
@ "Die, thou...what?"
@ "What?"
@ "Ascend?"
@ "Yes, ascend to demigod-hood. That's why I go through all this!"
@ "And I only wore it because it looketh totally badass with my white disco outfit..."

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