Dudley's dungeon

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Wednesday, 15 December, 2004 by Dion Nicolaas
@ "I decided to stop wondering where all the gear in the dungeon comes from..."
@ "... and just accept in gratitude what comes on my path."
   /  REST IN   \   
  /    PEACE     \  
 /                \ 
 |     Dudley     | 
 |   killed by    | 
 |   touching     | 
 |  StormbringerThere were sounds in the distance, incongruent with the
sounds of even this nameless, timeless sea: thin sounds,
agonized and terrible, for all that they remained remote -
yet the ship followed them, as if drawn by them; they grew
louder - pain and despair were there, but terror was
Elric had heard such sounds echoing from his cousin Yyrkoon's
sardonically named 'Pleasure Chambers' in the days before he
had fled the responsibilities of ruling all that remained of
the old Melnibonean Empire. These were the voices of men
whose very souls were under siege; men to whom death meant
not mere extinction, but a continuation of existence, forever
in thrall to some cruel and supernatural master. He had
heard men cry so when his salvation and his nemesis, his
great black battle-blade Stormbringer, drank their souls.
        [ The Lands Beyond the World, by Michael Moorcock ]

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