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Friday, 11 June, 2004 by Dion Nicolaas
D - a spellbookThe Book of Three lay closed on the table.  Taran had never
been allowed to read the volume for himself; now he was sure
it held more than Dallben chose to tell him. In the sun-
filled room, with Dallben still meditating and showing no
sign of stopping, Taran rose and moved through the shimmering
beams. From the forest came the monotonous tick of a beetle.
His hands reached for the cover. Taran gasped in pain and
snatched them away. They smarted as if each of his fingers
had been stung by hornets. He jumped back, stumbled against
the bench, and dropped to the floor, where he put his fingers
woefully into his mouth.
Dallben's eyes blinked open. He peered at Taran and yawned
slowly. "You had better see Coll about a lotion for those
hands," he advised. "Otherwise, I shouldn't be surprised if
they blistered."
        [ The Book of Three, by Lloyd Alexander ]

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Coffee Zombie June 11, 2004 10:04
First comment: 11 June, 2004 18 comments written
Yeah! I can imagine him playing NetHack - or Civilization!..
Kassil, the Mithril Dragon June 11, 2004 11:54
First comment: 4 June, 2004 4 comments written
Civilization, definitely. And quite possibly Nethack, though I'd see him more as a SLASH'EM sort...
Cain Azrael June 13, 2004 00:52
First comment: 13 June, 2004 3 comments written
Dammit...now I keep confusing myself from trying to picture computers inside magic. Ow.
Mantar June 17, 2004 03:46
First comment: 17 June, 2004 197 comments written
Well, Nethack was ported to the Amiga, so it's possible that he played it.
drachefly April 13, 2005 00:18
First comment: 12 April, 2005 9 comments written
In Dungeons of Doom, an old dungeon crawler for the Mac, you could occasionally find a Macintosh Plus. The only thing it was good for was as a missile weapon, a role in which it was spectacular.
ihope May 17, 2005 01:47
First comment: 20 April, 2005 67 comments written
Lawful ihope June 7, 2005 19:25
First comment: 7 June, 2005 29 comments written
Hello there, Chaotic ihope.

I'm talking to myself again.

And what's wrong with a Macintosh, Chaotic?
Fathead April 5, 2006 23:52
First comment: 1 April, 2006 1136 comments written
You are not talking to yourself.

I thought Nethack was before his time?
Anoria January 25, 2007 22:08
First comment: 25 January, 2007 11 comments written
This makes two nerdy webcomics in as many weeks which have come up with the "sufficiently advanced technology" joke as I read through their archives. I'm impressed.

(the other one was Order of the Stick, btw. if anyone cares.)
Grognor April 6, 2007 22:41
First comment: 4 April, 2007 1161 comments written
The mind of a child is full of magic because it has not learned to suffocate itself with the mundanity of experience. This is life... this is magik... but is it order?

Or is it Chaos?
HK June 5, 2007 17:03
First comment: 1 June, 2007 309 comments written
Kohkelxon January 8, 2008 19:15
First comment: 8 January, 2008 52 comments written
Wow first one that made me laugh! Brilliant!
  January 10, 2008 21:31
First comment: 1 April, 2004 431 comments written
Where was this in OotS?

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