AeroMail 2
Version history
(This is the file "CHANGES", included with the distribution.)

Version 1.0 - Mark Cushman
  • Initial release

Version 1.02 - Mark Cushman
  • Added support for Cyrus IMAP servers
  • Changed all extensions on .php files to .php3
  • Added variables to store server type, server suffix, redirection URL
  • Fixed imap_sort() problem when sorting on zero messages
  • Added Readme, Changes, and License files

Version 1.10 - Mark Cushman
  • Added support for reading attachments
  • Attached images are displayed inline
  • MIME messages are broken up and displayed by part
  • Added support for sending attachments
  • URL's in message body are converted into links
  • E-mail addresses in body are converted into links
  • Encoded header lines are decoded
  • Fixed display of quoted-printable text

Version 1.20 - Mark Cushman
  • Error trapping added when moving and no messages are selected
  • Added Reply All and Forward functionality with message quoting
  • Added Delete button on the message display screen
  • Improved login process with multiple chances to login
  • INBOX is always forced to refresh

Version 1.26 - Mark Cushman
  • Multi-language support added
  • Configurable user interface added
  • Bugfixes when from or to field is not present

Version 1.30 - Mark Cushman
  • Multi-language support improved
  • Themes support improved
  • Re-Login button added
  • Message selection button added
  • Fixed problem with folders/attachments that have spaces
  • Changed all <? tags to <?php

Version 1.40 - Mark Cushman
  • Added support for genericstable sendmail routing
  • Switched all file extensions to .php
  • Now PHP4 compatible
  • Added message count per screen
  • New look and feel

Version 1.45 - Mark Cushman - 27 February 2002
  • Various Security patches (thanks to metaur [AT]

Version 1.46 - Dion Nicolaas - Unreleased
  • folder.php: Multi-language bug in header fixed
  • Made folder management optional
  • Changed color of message body background in message.php

Version 2.00 - Dion Nicolaas - 12 November 2003
  • Fixed HTML errors and made it consistent accross pages
  • Included HTML templates
  • Made the HTML more CSS based
  • Added general "AeroMail version" signature to each page
  • Fixed some theme bugs
  • Fixed e-mail address display to contain real address after nice name
  • Added leading > signs to reply and forwarded message
  • Changed $CONSTANTs to defined CONSTANTs
  • Fixed dependency on JavaScript, and removed some gratuitious use of it
  • Added sorting on columns in message list
  • Added inline decoding of received base64-encoded HTML messages
  • Added language-specific date format
  • Added received message conversion to UTF-8
  • Fixed MIME display support to also display subordinate parts
  • Added inline display of cid: images in HTML messages
  • Improved handling of multipart/alternative messages
  • Added optional keeping of deleted messages in Trash
  • Fixed a bug in returning to folder after sending
  • Added more consistent navigation
  • Moved message-related buttons to the bottom
  • Changed sending messages to use UTF-8
  • Added optional basic spam flagging

Version 2.10 - Dion Nicolaas - 12 March 2004
  • Fixed handling of quoted-printable attachments
  • Fixed behaviour when 'iconv' is not available
  • Fixed defunct Sent date sorting in Sent mail folder
  • Fixed broken 'refresh page'
  • Changed inline display of images to try every file with mimetype image/
  • Added conversion from text/enriched to HTML
  • Added 'To' column in message list
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect attachment names in Save dialog
  • Added user name in title
  • Fixed a bug with full e-mail addresses in compose

Version 2.20 - Dion Nicolaas - 21 April 2004
  • Added bold display of unread messages
  • Fixed some UTF-8 conversion bugs
  • Improved attachment handling using dparameters array

Version 2.21 - Dion Nicolaas - 9 August 2004
  • Fixed bugs when sending mail to addresses with " in it
  • Fixed some invalid HTML
  • Fixed sendmail options: single dot on line truncated qprint encoded messages

Version 2.22 - Dion Nicolaas - 7 September 2004
  • Fixed make_clickable to follow RFCs (especially to exclude trailing '>')
  • Added support for sloppy URLs like
  • Fixed possible odd behaviour by moving Subject header up (vectormail)
  • Improved local addressing
  • Improved CSS so sizes are relative
  • Some HTML tweaks
  • Made whole line bold for new messages, through CSS
  • Limit spam check to unread messages for speed

Version 2.30 - Dion Nicolaas & Laird Bedore - 26 October 2004
  • Added the option to use cookies instead of Basic Authentication for logging in (LB)
  • Added support and configuration for SSL-encrypted IMAP servers (LB)
  • Changed FORCE_FROM to work when the mail domain is different than the IMAP_SERVER value (LB)
  • Enhanced local addressing and save-to-sent-items to also use the SERVER_SUFFIX if defined (LB)
  • Fixed an infinite loop generated by some inline images (LB)
  • Changed the date and size fields to never line-break. (LB)
  • Added option to hide the To: field if it is not desired on folders other than the sent items folder. (LB)
  • Added option to display only name for email addresses that have it (LB)
  • Improved display of invalid addresses (DN)
  • Added option to get rid of duplicate INBOX folder for some IMAP server configurations (LB)
  • Added optional message colorization for text/plain messages (DN)
  • Fixed very small html or text/enriched in some messages (DN)
  • Fixed some HTML and CSS (DN)
  • Added wrapping of plain-text messages again, as an option (DN)
  • Added truncating of long address lists as an option (DN)
  • Fixed bug in inline image display (sometimes they wouldn't) (DN)
  • Fixed bug in spam flagging optimization (sometimes wouldn't work) (DN)
  • Added a configuration form (DN)
  • Added 14 new color schemes (DN)

Version 2.40 - Dion Nicolaas - 7 December 2004
  • Added an option to disable deleting messages
  • Added an option to disable writing and sending messages
  • Added 'multimessage' view
  • Added an option to move probable spam automatically to another folder
  • Added Bcc
  • Switched to using UIDs instead of sequence numbers, so you can have more than one instance of AeroMail running more safely
  • Added many more languages (using the Microsoft Glossaries)
  • It is now possible to set a color in a theme to 'transparent' by not specifying it
  • Fixed a bug that caused attachments not to show up in complex MIME messages (like signed messages)
  • Fixed decoding of incorrect quoted-printable messages (they wouldn't show)
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow you to delete a folder if you just visited it
  • Moved a lot of code around to improve speed (made smaller)
  • Changed all .inc file to .inc.php (to prevent people on the web from reading the source)
  • Changed link color within messages to default link color
  • Changed the configuration form to also accept settings from AeroMail 1.xx

Version 2.41 - Dion Nicolaas - 13 December 2004
  • Added maximum waiting time for flagging spam
  • Cut down on verbosity of configure.php
  • Fixed the display of spam status when SPAM_BLACKLISTS is empty and JUNK_MAIL is not
  • Fixed some strange defaults in

Version 2.50 - Dion Nicolaas - 25 November 2005
  • Added two new languages, Japanese and Chinese
  • Added inline display of supported mime types
  • Added a hook to display the page title in the template's <title> (so it will appear in the browser's title bar, and in bookmarks)
  • Added In-Reply-To and References headers to outgoing mail
  • Added error reporting on imap_errors
  • Added using Mail-Reply-To and Mail-Followup-To
  • Added correct encoding of UTF-8 headers
  • Added support for sloppy web addresses like www.<something>.<something> (only when starting with 'www')
  • Fixed wrong reply address in Reply All (did not honour Reply-To header)
  • Fixed attachments being displayed with more than one message in multi-message view
  • Forced error_reporting to exclude E_NOTICE
  • Fixed wrong placement in browser after switching display of headers on or off
  • Fixed error when deleting messages to Trash folder that does not exist yet
  • Fixed wrong address translation on multiple To:, Cc: and Bcc: addresses
  • Support inline images when specified without quotes
  • Removed suppression of mime type header for text/plain
  • Fixed problem using attachments with filename containing spaces

Version 2.51 - Dion Nicolaas - 1 December 2005
  • Fixed configure.php that would give an error message
  • Added credit for Terry Gao

Version 2.52 - Dion Nicolaas - 23 January 2006
  • Added an option to disable showing message headers
  • Added Hungarian language back!
  • Added a new theme
  • Fixed a bug that multi-message would not work if both deleting and writing were switched off
  • Fixed an error message when trying to go to multi-message view with no messages selected
  • Slightly improved reverse DNS lookup timeout by skipping slow sites
  • Made default layout of message list slightly tighter

Version 2.60 - Dion Nicolaas - 29 April 2008
  • Fixed mail headers ending up in message body with qmail by adding another setting
  • Improved spam-flagging performance and perceived performance
  • Show error when login fails, instead of popping up login box again
  • Suppress errors from iconv
  • Sort file lists in configure.php
  • Added spam flagging based on matching a regular expression in the subject

Version 2.61 - Dion Nicolaas - 26 August 2008
  • Fixed a bug where extra line-endings would end up in References headers
  • 'Fixed' qmail's screwed-up CRLF handling also in message body
  • Fixed spam flagging: It now also happens on other pages than the first

Version 2.70 - Dion Nicolaas & Harald Jenny - 3 November 2009
  • Added special display for messages replied to (HJ)
  • Removed dependency on register_globals (at last!) (DN)
  • Fixed some PHP4/5 issues (depart->[d]parameters error) (HJ, DN)

Version 2.71 - Dion Nicolaas & Harald Jenny - 3 November 2009
  • Fixed the use of FORCE_FROM when your login is your full e-mail address
  • Fixed an error in configure.php

Version 2.80 - Dion Nicolaas & Harald Jenny - 13 November 2009
  • Added 'SPAM_HEADER' to check for extra headers inserted by mail server
  • Added a check (and error) if is writable and configure.php is available to force people to change that
  • Changed configure.php so it will also work if is not available
  • Improved display of mail incorrectly marked as iso-8859-1
  • Improved display of HTML mail with attributes on its body
  • Started the session earlier to allow to use session variables in theme files

Version 2.81 - Dion Nicolaas - 27 February 2016
  • Changed the cookie location so that different installations don't share cookies
  • Fixed wrong sorting of sent mail in some installations
  • Changed the flag of messages stored in Sent mail to seen (you just wrote it, after all.)
  • Fixed some XSRF and XSS vulnerabilities, thanks to Harald Jenny and Justin C. Klein Keane.

Version 2.82 - Dion Nicolaas - 29 February 2016
  • Fixed some features not working when not using cookies
  • Fixed deleting and moving messages no longer working from within the message

Version 2.83 - Dion Nicolaas - 20 August 2018
  • Fixed non-fatal imap errors having fatal effect, turn them into alerts instead.

Version 2.90 - Dion Nicolaas - 27 January 2020
  • Fixed PHP 7 incompatibilities.
  • Fixed some warnings.

Dion Nicolaas <>