AeroMail 2
Installation and use
(This is the file "README", included with the distribution.)


AeroMail is a web-based e-mail client written in PHP. AeroMail uses an IMAP server to read and store messages in one or more user-defined folders. Features include:
  • HTTP authentication for login (no cookies) or login with cookies
  • Optional IMAP folder manipulation
  • Optional spam flagging using reverse DNS mapping
  • HTML messages and attachments
  • Simple HTML that can be embedded in a page of your own design
  • JavaScript not necessary
  • Support for different character sets (e.g. Russian and Chinese)
  • Support for SSL IMAP servers
  • Support for sendmail's genericstable (reverse mapping of users for outbound mail)


A webserver, PHP 4 or better, the IMAP functions must be compiled into PHP, an IMAP server. Information about PHP and compiling IMAP support into PHP can be found at the following URL:


Unpack the AeroMail package (.gz or .zip file) into a directory within your web server. Then follow the steps below to configure AeroMail.

First-time configuration

Make sure that directory is writable for the web server's user, or create a file called that is writable for the web server's user. Now access that directory from a web browser, or browse directly to the file configure.php. A configuration form will appear. Fill in all the fields to match your configuration. Alternatively you can copy to, and modify it yourself using a text editor.
After you are done with the configuration, make sure you make read-only for the web server's user. For additional safety, you can remove configure.php from the directory. If necessary, make the AeroMail installation directory read-only for the web-server's user again.

Upgrading from a previous version of AeroMail

Make a backup of your old AeroMail installation. Copy your or and any theme files and template files you customized into the new AeroMail directory. If you upgrade from AeroMail 2.30 or earlier to AeroMail 2.40 or later, rename all .inc files to .inc.php. Make sure is writable for the web server's user. Now access configure.php in that directory from a web browser. A configuration form will appear, showing your old configuration settings and default values for any new features. Change the settings to suit your needs. A new will be written. After everything is set up correctly, copy the new installation over your old one.

Note on upgrading from AeroMail 2.xx

The configuration process will convert (or automatically to work with this version of AeroMail. Theme files and template files should work with any version of AeroMail. If you made changes to (or, style.php or any language files, you will have to remake those changes yourself.

Note on upgrading from AeroMail 1.xx

The configuration process will convert automatically to work with AeroMail 2. It will not, however, convert any other changes you made. You will have to make those changes yourself.

Using AeroMail

Access index.php in the AeroMail directory with a web browser. The username and password pair are your IMAP username and password.

Customizing AeroMail

You can embed AeroMail in a webpage of your own design. To do this, create a template or modify one of the templates in the themes directory. You can specify your own style sheet and font size in your template file; that way you don't have to change the AeroMail files.
If you want a completely different layout, change and style.php.

Common Problems

I'm getting the error: "Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function imap_open() in on line xx"
You haven't compiled IMAP support into PHP. See
I can't login! I use the correct username and password, but I never get in.
Try to set 'USE_COOKIES' to 'true'. If you use CGI or FastCGI on Apache, you can also try to put a file named .htaccess in AeroMail's folder with the following contents:

     SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$0
The e-mails I receive from AeroMail have double line spacing! That's ugly.
Try to change the setting 'BAD_CRLF' to 'true'. Some IMAP servers are a bit confused about line endings; QMail and nullmailer are among those.
Attachments don't work! If I try to send an e-mail with an attachement, I receive an empty e-mail.
Try to change the setting 'BAD_CRLF' to 'true'. Some IMAP servers are a bit confused about line endings; QMail and nullmailer are among those.
Accented characters look like blocks or '?'s in AeroMail.
Your PHP doesn't support libiconv. Please use a version of PHP that has iconv support.
My question is not in this list! How can I get an answer?
Send an e-mail to aeromail [AT]


Version 2.x
     Dion Nicolaas <dion [AT]> with help from:

     Laird Bedore <lmbedore [AT]>
     SteX <stefano.melchior [AT]>
     "Wai K. Wong" <wwong [AT]>
     Benjamin Roy <benroy [AT]>
     Terry Gao <terrygao [AT]>
     Krisztian Simonyi <kris [AT]>
     Harald Jenny <harald [AT]>
     "Justin C. Klein Keane" <justin [AT]>

Version 1.x
     Mark Cushman <mark [AT]> with help from:

     Thorsten Huber <thorsten [AT]>
     Justin R. Miller <justin [AT]>
Dion Nicolaas <>