AeroMail 2
(This is the file "FEATURES", included with the distribution.)

Who can use Aeromail?

  • Are you an ISP who want a webmail service that is easily configurable? AeroMail allows you full control over operation and appearance.
  • Are you a webhosting company who need webmail for their clients? AeroMail comes with genericstable support, spam marking and many configurable options.
  • Are you a mail user who is sick of spam? You can use AeroMail to mark and delete your spam without downloading it to your own computer first.
  • Do you just want a fast and easy way to check mail when you're on the move? AeroMail is small, easy to set up and does not depend on MySQL, LDAP or other things you do not have: you only need an Apache webserver, PHP and an IMAP mailserver.

Why use AeroMail?

  • AeroMail is small, fast and simple to use. It is known for its clear and elegant interface.
  • AeroMail has support for other characters sets. It displays e-mail in Russian, Chinese, Japanese and many other languages.
  • AeroMail is available in many languages: currently you can choose from Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norse, Polish, Portuguese (Brasil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Roman or Cyrillic), Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Thai and Ukranian.
  • Optionally you can use AeroMail to flag spam, so you can easily delete it before downloading it to your own computer.
  • AeroMail is very easy to set up: just copy the files, answer some questions and you're ready to go!

Where use AeroMail?

  • AeroMail can be used on many types of IMAP servers: Cyrus, UWash and Courier IMAP servers are supported.
  • You don't need an LDAP server or a MySQL server to use AeroMail. It will work on any webserver with PHP 4 or 5 installed.
  • You can use AeroMail from virtually any browser: No JavaScript required, simple HTML that will also work on mobile devices.
  • You can use AeroMail from any computer you want. It uses basic authentication (no cookies) or use cookies (session variables) for login, and can run on an SSL IMAP server.

Full list of features

Basic features:
  • Aeromail is a webmail client that lets you read e-mail from an IMAP server
  • Each mail folder can be sorted in many ways
  • View HTML messages and rich-text messages
  • Clickable links and e-mail addresses in plain-text messages
  • View inline images and text attachments
  • Recieve attachments
  • Optionally reply to and forward e-mail, write new messages and delete messages
  • Use Cc and Bcc
  • Send attachments yourself
  • Optionally create and delete folders, and move messages between folders

Advanced features:
  • Optional multi-message view lets you view selected messages in one window (nice for catching up or when on a slow link)
  • Optional spam blacklisting using reverse DNS lookup (e.g. SpamCop)
  • Optionally move junk mail automatically to another folder
  • Show full e-mail addresses, or just the name (Outlook style)
  • Show full address lists in mail overview, or just the first few
  • Automatically wrap wide message, or leave them unchanged
  • Optional colorization of messages (quoted text and signatures)

Languages and character sets:
  • AeroMail comes in 30 languages
  • Full support for foreign character sets (using UTF-8)

Configuration features:
  • AeroMail is easily embedded in a web page of your own design
  • AeroMail comes with many color schemes or 'themes'
  • The HTML code is separated from the program, so it can be changed more easily
  • Folder use and management can be switched on or off
  • Sent mail folder and Trash folder can be switched on or off
  • Writing of messages can be switched on or off
  • Deleting of messages can be switched on or off

Technical features:
  • Use UWash, Cyrus and Courier type IMAP servers
  • Either use Basic Authentication for login (no cookies), or cookies (session variables)
  • Support for sendmail's genericstable
  • Alternatively force the sender's from-address
  • Support for SSL IMAP servers
  • No SQL server or LDAP server required
  • No JavaScript browser required

Dion Nicolaas <>