AeroMail 2

AeroMail 2 is the next generation of Mark Cushman's AeroMail. AeroMail is a web-based e-mail client written in PHP. You can view HTML and rich text mail with attachments, write mail and send attachments yourself, and optionally flag spam using e.g. SpamCop. AeroMail uses PHP's IMAP module to read and store messages in user-defined folders.

AeroMail can be easily embedded in a webpage of your own design, and its appearance is easily customisable. It comes in many interface languages and supports messages in foreign languages like Russian and Chinese.

The original version can still be found at

Version 2.90 released.

AeroMail 2.90 is working with PHP 7. See the version history for details.

The hunt for translations continues!

To make more and better translations, help is needed from people who speak other languages. If you compare existing translations to the English (or Dutch) version, and you can improve on them, or if you can provide a translation for a language that isn't there yet, please send an e-mail to It is only a small job: currently there are less than 50 lines to translate.

Dion Nicolaas <>