The NetHack Docs

The NetHack Docs are fully cross-referenced versions of the documentation and data files that come with NetHack (see the Official NetHack Home Page for more information.)

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y k u   7 8 9   Move commands:
 \|/     \|/            yuhjklbn: go one step in specified direction
h-.-l   4-.-6           YUHJKLBN: go in specified direction until you
 /|\     /|\                        hit a wall or run into something
b j n   1 2 3           g<dir>:   run in direction <dir> until something
      numberpad                     interesting is seen
                        G<dir>,   same, except a branching corridor isn't
 <  up                  ^<dir>:     considered interesting (the ^ in this
                                    case means the Control key, not a caret)
 >  down                m<dir>:   move without picking up objects/fighting
                        F<dir>:   fight even if you don't sense a monster
                If the number_pad option is set, the number keys move instead.
                Depending on the platform, Shift number (on the numberpad),
                Meta number, or Alt number will invoke the YUHJKLBN commands.
                Control <dir> may or may not work when number_pad is enabled,
                depending on the platform's capabilities.

General commands:
?       help    display one of several informative texts
#quit   quit    end the game without saving current game
S       save    save the game (to be continued later) and exit
!       sh      escape to some SHELL (if allowed)
^Z      suspend suspend the game (independent of your current suspend char)
O       options set options
/       whatis  tell what a map symbol represents
\       known   display list of what's been discovered
v       version display version number
V       history display game history
X       explore switch the game to explore (discovery) mode
^A      again   redo the previous command (^A denotes the keystroke CTRL-A)
^R      redraw  redraw the screen
^P      prevmsg repeat previous message (subsequent ^P's repeat earlier ones)
#               introduces an extended command (#? for a list of them)

Game commands:
^D      kick    kick (a door, or something else)
^T      'port   teleport (if you can)
^X      show    show your attributes
a       apply   apply or use a tool (pick-axe, key, camera, etc.)
A       armor   take off all armor
c       close   close a door
C       call    name an individual monster (ex. baptize your dog)
d       drop    drop an object.  d7a:  drop seven items of object 'a'
D       Drop    drop selected types of objects
e       eat     eat something
E       engrave write a message in the dust on the floor  (E-  use fingers)
f       fire    fire ammunition from quiver
F       fight   followed by direction, fight a monster
i       invent  list your inventory (all objects you are carrying)
I       Invent  list selected parts of your inventory
                Iu: list unpaid objects
                Ix: list unpaid but used up items
                I$: count your money
o       open    open a door
p       pay     pay your bill (in a shop)
P       puton   put on an accessory (ring, amulet, etc)
q       quaff   drink a potion
Q       quiver  select ammunition for quiver
r       read    read a scroll or spellbook
R       remove  remove an accessory (ring, amulet, etc)
s       search  search for secret doors, hidden traps and monsters
t       throw   throw or shoot a weapon
T       takeoff take off some armor
w       wield   wield a weapon  (w-  wield nothing)
W       wear    put on some armor
x       xchange swap wielded and secondary weapons
z       zap     zap a wand
Z       Zap     cast a spell
<       up      go up the stairs
>       down    go down the stairs
^       trap_id identify a previously found trap
),[,=,",(       ask for current items of specified symbol in use
*               ask for combination of ),[,=,",( all at once
$       gold    count your gold
+       spells  list the spells you know; also rearrange them if desired
_       travel  move via a shortest-path algorithm to a point on the map 
.       rest    wait a moment
,       pickup  pick up all you can carry
@               toggle "pickup" (auto pickup) option on and off
:       look    look at what is here
;       farlook look at what is somewhere else by selecting a map symbol

Keyboards that have a meta key can also use these extended commands
via the meta modifier instead of the # prefix:

M-?             Display extended command help (if the platform allows this)
M-2     twoweapon toggle two-weapon combat (unless number_pad is enabled)
M-a     adjust  adjust inventory letters
M-c     chat    talk to someone
M-d     dip     dip an object into something
M-e     enhance advance or check weapons skills
M-f     force   force a lock
M-i     invoke  invoke an object's special powers
M-j     jump    jump to another location
M-l     loot    loot a box on the floor
M-m     monster use a monster's special ability
M-n     name    name an item or type of object
M-o     offer   offer a sacrifice to the gods
M-p     pray    pray to the gods for help
M-q     quit    stop playing
M-r     rub     rub a lamp or a stone
M-s     sit     sit down
M-t     turn    turn undead
M-u     untrap  untrap something
M-v     version print compile time options for this version
M-w     wipe    wipe off your face

If the "number_pad" option is on, these additional variants are available:

n               followed by number of times to repeat the next command
h       help    display one of several informative texts, like '?'
j       jump    jump to another location
k       kick    kick something (usually a door)
l       loot    loot a box on the floor
N       name    name an item or type of object
u       untrap  untrap something (usually a trapped object)