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Edited on September 24, 2002.

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Yendor: A Nethack Web-novel

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Yendor: A Nethack Web-novel -- Christopher Ames Visitor's items, Miscellany
Contributed by Dion. Edited on April 3, 2005.
         Yendor is a novel that is set in the Dungeons of Doom. A lot of things that happen will be very familiar to players of the game. The novel is written as we read it; expect a new chapter every few weeks. · no pageviews yet

Visitor-supplied notes

Kernigh May 15, 2006
"A lot of what is in the novel does not actually happen in Nethack at all, but then again a lot of it does."

When I went to read - a webcomic about (a variant of) the roguelike game of Angband - it reminded me of this novel. There are a few similarities, among them that the game is multiplayer.

Development of this novel seems to have stopped after chapter 5.
Kernigh December 30, 2006
The link is broken.

However, I have found a working link: http_/www.nameless.frihost.netyendor.htm
Velma January 4, 2007
Your fixed link is broken;

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