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Contributed by Dion. Edited on February 28, 2003.

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Rob Ellwood's home page -- Rob Ellwood Downloads and variants, Patches
Edited on September 24, 2002.
         Rob Ellwood has quite some information on how to change NetHack on his site, including how to create new predefined levels. His site also contains a collection of new levels for download (the "New Toys"), which you can install for your DOS or Windows version of NetHack; sources are included. Furthermore he wrote a patch to add a potion of lose ability to the game. · no pageviews yet

Visitor-supplied notes December 25, 2002
For NPC Thieves' names, how 'bout the list given in Mack the Knife? (Sukey Tawdry, etc.) December 25, 2002
For NPC Cavemen, use the plethora of names from the old (and now barely-remembered) Alley-Oop comic-strip. December 25, 2002
For Minetown Inn...

If the "Sleep it off" Healing is too much...make it a Tavern, instead. You can purchase a meal (cash-and-eat, nothing portable) at "prepared food" prices (roughly double the going rate for a Food Ration). This should have the food-value of a Tin, and have a continually-increasing chance of being spoiled (it's the same batch of stew, so each time you dine, it's several turns "older"). That would retain the value of the delicatessen, somewhat.

I like the idea of the one-shot random training. The old Gladiator, possibly a down-on-his-luck Sage (Imparts a "specialty spell" bonus to one random spell), and the beligerent drunk. I'd allow (completetly random) acquisition of restricted skills, as well as improvement of existing skills. Possibly even improve an "Expert" level skill to something higher (drawn from the Unarmed Combat rankings) - but it's a one-shot deal, with no player control.

Rogues should be able to "Fence" stuff with the proprietor. They disappear from the game when sold this way (he doesn't retain or sell "hot goods" locally), and he only pays in credit. However, his credit is good at any of the stores in Minetown. December 25, 2002
Instead of the Minetown Weaponmaster...

How 'bout an Arena? Possibly a tout in MineTown, but more likely in Orcus' Town, offers a "performance contract": you
drop everything but a wielded weapon, worn armor, and a quivered selection, then step onto a one-use Portal. This takes you to something like the Big Room, possibly with a beefed-up monster-selection (a couple levels higher?). While in the Arena, you are totally unrestricted with the wielded weapon (able to advance to Expert). If you die, the tout "inherits all your goods". Once you leave, any restrictions on your weapon are re-applied...but you keep any skill you already achieved. The tout will be standing on your dropped equippment when you return...and thus, may pick upwieldapply some of it (he's a slimy double-dealer).

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