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Downloads and variants, Patches
Gnome Mines, etc.
Kelly Bailey
Edited on September 24, 2002.

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ralph lauren asutralia -- Visitor's items, (Uncategorised)
Contributed by Edited on May 21, 2015.
         There are lots of factors which lead to high amounts of customer satisfaction including: Products and services which are customer focused and thence provide high levels of value for money. Customer service giving personal attention to the needs of individual customers. After sales service following up the original purchase with post sales support such as maintenance and updating (for example in the updating of computer packages).
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ralph lauren asutralia -- Visitor's items, (Uncategorised)
Contributed by Edited on May 20, 2015.
         TRUTH: There is no evidence for Rep. Pearce's claim that wolves stalk children, and his effort to defund Mexican gray wolf recovery would hinder a program that, today, only has about 50 wolves in the wild. In fact, there are very few documented cases of wild wolves attacking humans. Pearce has accepted more than $250,000 from ranching interests since 2002, including from donors who hold publicland grazing permits.
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ralph lauren asutralia -- Visitor's items, (Uncategorised)
Contributed by Edited on May 18, 2015.
         I have been living car free for 3 years and enjoy bike touring and randonneuring. I started doing contract work for Easy Street Recumbents in November 2008 as the Minister of Culture. Ian Sims and Deanna Campbell, Greenspeed USA marketing and advertising manager, started at the Left Coast Velomobile Gathering, in Portland, OR, and are now working their way over the USA, visiting a number of recumbent trike dealers before attending the RBR Recumbent Rally in State College, PA.
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ralph lauren asutralia -- Visitor's items, (Uncategorised)
Contributed by Edited on May 16, 2015.
         ACE Cogeneration's employeedriven safety culture includes an active safety committee, which develops and oversees general and plantspecific safety procedures and initiatives. The plant is operated by 34 fulltime employees who drive the security programs and culture that have contributed to an impressive safety record. By approving safely operating facilities such as ACE Cogeneration into the VPP, OSHA officially recognizes the outstanding efforts of employers and employees who've achieved exemplary occupational safe practices.
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ralph lauren asutralia -- Visitor's items, (Uncategorised)
Contributed by Edited on May 15, 2015.
         The goal of linkbait is to produce the type of content that will go viral. It can be a news hook where you talk about something that is contrary to what other people are saying; resource hook in which you have the only information available or humor hook. It could also be a post that is controversial, or a top 100 list.
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Items commented on last 1 year

View the last | 1 day | 1 week | 2 weeks | 1 month | 2 months | 6 months | 1 year | -- Justin Flude Visitor's items, Servers and services
Contributed by Edited on December 4, 2004.
         Play SLASH'EM online, using the graphical GTK+ client, or traditional Telnet (and Java). · 547 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

Miks Lethe Patch -- Michael Clarke Patches
Contributed by Dion. Edited on August 23, 2004.
         Similar to the Hell Patch, the Lethe Patch tries to make Gehennom less boring. It adds the fabled river Lethe and a number of monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos to NetHack, and adds items, monster behaviours and a lot of new or redecorated levels. Here you can find the patch and an MS-DOS executable. · 20 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

The NetHack Home Page -- Michael K. Neylon Information sites, Downloads and variants, Utilities
Edited on April 3, 2004.
         Another NetHack Home Page, which is no longer maintained since 1998. Contains spoilers, variants, utilities and various sources in ZIP-format, as well as some interactive pages filled by visitors with stories and one-liners. · 27 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

Bertelli's place -- NetHack - Slash'EM -- Andre Bertelli Araujo Patches, Miscellany
Contributed by Dion. Edited on December 12, 2003.
         Andre wrote a couple of patches, among which the whips patch, which adds some more whips to NetHack, and the Bard's patch, which adds a bard character to the game. The bard is quite different in that he needs musical instruments to perform magic.
Furthermore you can find here a patch that enhance Monk's martial arts, and a Wizard's staff patch that adds a new weapon.
Also on this site is another NetHack Movie. · 15 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

Ali's NetHack page -- J. Ali Harlow Information sites, Patches
Edited on June 30, 2003.
         Ali is the maintainer of the Unix version of SLASH'EM, and also hosts some spoilers about it. But his site has lots of NetHack information, too: including a very comprehensive monster manual that describes every monster in NetHack in detail; a copy of 'NetHack - The Next Generation', a variant of NetHack 3.1.3 with a geek character added; and a cross-referenced version of the source code. Furthermore, there are links to lots of information sites and to almost all patches in existence here; and Ali saved copies of the famous Wizard Patch and Josh Fishman's version thereof. Another patch that could have been lost to mankind is the Dwarf Patch, also available here. · 43 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

Maniac's Ascension Guide -- Mark Johnson Information sites
Contributed by Dion. Edited on November 14, 2002.
         Mark has written a detailed strategy guide that describes general strategy, but also strategies for specific parts of the game. This probably is as close to a walkthrough you can get. · 91 pageviews · Show/add notes (6 notes)

/dev/null/NetHack Servers and services
Edited on October 13, 2002.
         /dev/null is another site to look if you want to compare your NetHack quality to others's. Using telnet you can play NetHack in a tournament on one of their servers. · 48 pageviews · Show/add notes (2 notes)

Tom Friedetzky -- Tom Friedetzky Information sites, Patches
Edited on September 24, 2002.
         Tom has made a patch available to compile SLASH'EM on Linux and other Unix platforms. On the page there is also a PostScript version of Kevin Hugo's spoilers (text and HTML versions are available on Sascha's site.) He also wrote another (with a detailed that allows you to dump character information to a file at the end of a game. (No links exist from his main page to them.) · 199 pageviews · Show/add notes (2 notes)

Nethack -- Philipp Lucas Downloads and variants, Utilities
Edited on September 24, 2002.
         Apart from a lot of links, Philipp Lucas has some utilities to convert between record files (score files) from NetHack version 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3; a utility to merge score files; and Protected-mode MSDOS binaries for PatchHack on his site, as well as some information on this version. · 243 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

SPOIL: An Automatic NetHack Spoiler Generator -- Cristan Szmajda Information sites, Patches
Edited on September 24, 2002.
         Cristan wrote a program that generates spoiler tables directly from the NetHack sources, by replacing NetHack's main(). This allows hime to generate spoilers for different versions of NetHack, several of which he has on his site. There also is a map of the dungeon and a graph of NetHack 3.2 spell casting probabilities here. · 38 pageviews · Show/add notes (2 notes)

NetHack - Free Games Net -- Dean Hughes Reviews
Edited on September 24, 2002.
         The information given in this review is far from correct; anyhow, it's always nice to read a five star rating for NetHack. · 11 pageviews · Show/add notes (2 notes)

Short Review of NetHack 3.1 - Games Domain Review -- Rowland Spencer-Smith Reviews
Edited on September 24, 2002.
         The first review by the Games Domain Review of NetHack 3.1, written in 1995. An article written by someone who is not necessarily addicted - yet. · 174 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

Hello, welcome to NetHack! -- Milen Information sites
         An illustrated report of a game of NetHack. Annotated screenshots of 'a day in life in the Dungeons of Doom.' · 51 pageviews · Show/add notes (3 notes)

AllegroHack -- Kelly Youngblood Downloads and variants
         AllegroHack is an MS-DOS port of NetHack that uses the Allegro graphics library to provide fancier graphics. It supports different screen resolutions, true color and translucency, among others, but is still bones- and savefile compatible with the official DOS binary. · 167 pageviews · Show/add notes (7 notes)

SLASH -- Enrico Horn Downloads and variants
         Enrico Horn has combined Tom Proudfoot's SLASH V6 and NetHack 3.2.2, the result of which is called SLASH 4.1.2-8 beta. It comes in two versions, one without the blackmarket level and one with it. Binaries for DOS and patches for several platforms are available. There is also a Tile Editor for DOS available on his site. · 15 pageviews · Show/add notes (2 notes)

NetHack -- Tom Proudfoot Downloads and variants
         Tom Proudfoot is the original author of SLASH, "Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack", a famous variant of NetHack. He abandoned development of his variant after NetHack 3.2.2 came out, and now wrote several shareware and freeware roguelikes available at Here you can read his thoughts about NetHack and SLASH. Sources and binaries for SLASH are only available at the Nethack3.2.1 & Slash 6 repository · 22 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

NetHack Patches -- Jim Crawford Patches
         On this page you can find a patch for NetHack 3.3.0 and 3.3.1 that adds highlighting to the status line. It will turn all important things (weak from hunger, low on hitpoints) orange to attract more attention to it. Furthermore, the famous Pizza Delivery Patch for 3.3.0 can be found here. · 266 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

Clippy, the Shopping Assistent -- Lee Berger Utilities
         Clippy is an Internet page that helps you in identifying items that you find in a shop. You fill in some information on an item and it will present you a list of what it can be. A technique otherwise known as "price-IDing", but put in a nice web interface. · 722 pageviews · Show/add notes (2 notes)

Sacred Chao Online: Software - Hackers -- Joe Wreschnig Utilities
         Hackers is a Perl program that allows you to store a database of NetHack configuration files so you can play NetHack in different disguises. It tries to add some atmosphere into the bargain. The program is clearly written for Unix/Linux, so expect some work if you use another platform. · 200 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

Audyssey -- My Trip to the Mazes of Menace -- Michael Feir Reviews
         Michael Feir was one of the beta-testers for 3.3; he particularly helped out in making NetHack accessible for the blind. In this essay in Audyssey, a magazine about games playable by blind people, he reports about his findings. · 362 pageviews · Show/add notes (4 notes)

NetHack for OS/2 v3.2.2 - OS/2 e-Zine! -- Colin L. Hildinger Reviews
         Although this review was written for an OS/2 magazine, it is of course also of interest for NetHack players using other operating systems. · 118 pageviews · Show/add notes (1 note)

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