Dudley's dungeon

Tuesday, 8 March, 2005 by Nameless
You are in a room.  
You can see a       
chest, a fountain,  
and a grave here.   
The only exit is    
to the East.        
@ East.
Your exit is        
@ "Hmmm..."
Quaff from fountain.
You gulp down the   
fresh water. A      
water demon is      
What do you wish    
You have a pick-    
@ Dig grave with pick-axe.
You dig up the      
grave. You find a   
lock pick!          
@ Unlock door with key, east.
You unlock the      
door. Your lock     
pick brakes!        
You are in a bee    
hive. A swarm of    
bees mob you and    
kill you quickly.   
You had 1 274       
points out of an    
infinite possible.  
Would you like to   
(R)estart or        
The text adventure.

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