Basic FAQs

What is the FAQ Plugin?

The FAQ plugin is a plugin that facilitates writing FAQ lists. It offers a simple syntax for writing FAQs.

Can't you do that using a definition list? or normal list? Or just paragraphs?

Sure. but by having special markup for FAQs, you can show them different from other things, but consistently. Furthermore, the FAQ plugin uses normal DokuWiki headers, so you will have a table of FAQs on top of your page.

Can I have markup inside my answers?

Yes. The answers are just normal sections, so you can insert simple markup and
 more complicated stuff

in your answers. You can use the full power of DokuWiki in your FAQ, including any plugins.

Advanced FAQ

Can I have more than one FAQ list on one page?

Yes. FAQs are just headers that are dislayed differently; you can mix them with normal headers. That way you can have sections of FAQs. Also, you can have several levels of FAQs, if you have related sub-questions.
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