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This is the home page of Dion Nicolaas. It contains pointers to the other web pages I've created.

The NetHack Index at Erebus
The NetHack Index contains all places on the web I know that have original contents on the subject of NetHack, a so-called roguelike game. This new and improved version allows visitors to contribute.
Wizard's Apprentice
Batch files can be very useful, but it is hardly possible to add a nice user interface to them. Meet the Wizard's Apprentice, that can present dialog boxes in wizard-style from a batch file, and make batch programming so much more useful.
White screen
Sometimes I write articles about assorted, usually technology-oriented subjects. Here you can find these.
Printable Dvorak
Dvorak is a Nomic-like card game, inspired by Magic: The Gathering and the like, but including the possibility to create new cards as you go. As the Dvorak website has a lot of ready-to-play games available, I created a Perl program and an HTML layout to print out those cards.
RotoR -- ROT-13 any text
Since I usually read news using Google, and my browser doesn't have ROT-13 built in, I searched the Internet for a program to do that. The only one I could find was Shareware, over a Megabyte in size and had a separate Encode and Decode button. So I felt I had no choice...
The Vim User Manual
Vim is an outstanding free text editor. Its user manual is organised in many small files, which makes it difficult to print. Here you can find a Perl program that glues all the files together into one big HTML file, which you can then print from your browser.
Hapax Legomena
Hapax Legomena is a way of processing a text that was described in the VPRO Gids. I wrote this web page to see what it's like.
Aeromail 2
AeroMail is a simple web-based mail client, written by Mark Cushman. I improved it and make the new version available here.
3D's Maratona
In 2009, I'm going to ride the Maratona dles Dolomiti together with two friends. This is a wiki about this endeavour. (In Dutch.)

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